Brasington Kite Train
Brasington Kite Train
Brasington Kite Train

Brasington Train

Brasington 6 Kite Train by Into The Wind - $234.95 Plus $15.00 shipping length surcharge.
YoYo Kite Line Winder   Add Line 90lbs x 500ft on YoYo Winder . . . $14.95
The beautiful blend of rainbow colors in this 55ft long train of 6 kites is subtly enhanced by designer Robert Brasingtons' signature color fades. Nearly weightless organza tails make this a stable, reliable flying stack. The included sturdy carry-case is tailored to allow the pre-connected kites to be stored fully assembled.
Size: 6 x 20" wingspan x 40" with 12ft tails
Material: Rip-Stop Nylon with Glass Fiber frames.
Skill Level: Experienced - Expert
Wind Range: 5 - 18 mph
Flying Line: not included