Power Sled 24
Power Sled 24

Large Patriotic Power Sled 24

Large Patriotic Power Sled 24 by Premier Kites - $74.95
YoYo Kite Line Winder   Add Line 250lbs x 500ft on YoYo Winder . . . $39.95
  4 x Red/White/Blue Tube Tails . . $78.90
  1 x 75ft Red Banner Tail . . $49.95
  1 x 75ft Blue Banner Tail . . $49.95
This bold Red, White & Blue applique design is an easy to fly kite which packs down into its' drogue chute carry-bag. The Power Sled 24 is a good lifter and will support all sorts of line laundry. The Sled can be flown with twin tails or a 75ft Banner Tail, with drogue removed. Simple bridle with no frame to assemble. The drogue tail, which the kite packs into for transport, makes this kite a good stable lifter.
Size: 95" wingspan x 45"
Material: Rip-Stop Nylon.
Skill Level: Intermediate - Expert
Wind Range: 4 - 20 mph
Flying Line: not included