Prism Zenith 5 Delta
Prism Zenith 5 Delta
Prism Zenith 5 Delta
Zenith 5 Infrared Delta
Zenith 5 Aurora Delta

Zenith 5 Delta

Zenith 5 Delta by Prism Kites - $34.95
The Zenth 5 Delta from Prism is a beautifully crafted "travel kite". Folds up to 21 inches long so you can take it anywhere, with snap-on tails that will break free if you ever get them tangled in a tree. Bungees inside the frame make it a cinch to assemble as rods snap into place like tent poles with no separate parts to lose in the grass.
Size: 64" wingspan x 35"
Material: Rip-Stop Polyester with Fiberglass frame.
Skill Level: Beginner - Expert
Wind Range: 5 - 20 mph
Flying Line: 200ft x 50lbs on hoop winder included