Prism Mentor Power Kite
Prism Mentor Power Kite
Prism Mentor
Prism Mentor package
Prism Mentor

Mentor Water Relaunchable Power Kite

Mentor 3.5, 3-Line Power Kite by Prism Designs - $ n/a
The Mentor delivers high performance power that's easy to control and incredibly versatile. A great intro to traction kiting without the complexity and expense of four line control. 3-line control lets you instantly put the kite in reverse and back it to the ground or water for easy re-launch without a helper. Using the quick-release leash, let go of the control bar to instantly depower the kite for a simple safety system. One-way air inlet valves maintains internal pressure so that the Mentor will float while you recover after a water crash. Ready-to-Fly with Line, Ground Stake & Control Bar with Safety Leash, in compression style bag.
Sizes: 132" wingspan - 37.5 sq. ft. sail area
Material: Rip-Stop Polyester.
Skill Level: Beginner - Expert
Wind Range: 4 - 25 mph
Flying Line: included with Control Bar
Color: Bright Green