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     Single Line Kites

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Single Line Kites

Stars & Stripes
Show the colors.

Easy flyers for low to medium winds.

Spectacular attention grabbers.

Frustrationless Flyer
Kids kite making kits.

Easy Fly Deltas
Stable kites with flowing tails.

Conyne Deltas
Lift from delta wings with stability from cellular center box.

Box & Cellular
Three dimensional kites for higher winds.

The classic kite design. Flies well in most conditions.

Serpents & Dragons
Long graceful flowing tails. Ready-to-fly traditional design.

Parafoil & Sled
Soft kites with no spars. Small when packed away.

Traditional Japanese design. Visually striking and stable.

Airplane kites from the Wright Flyer to a three dimensional F16.

LED Night Kite
Super bright LED kite to light up the night sky.

Line Laundry
Tails and sky art for visual impact or adding stability

Stunt Kites

Advanced Stunt Kites
Competition level high performace kites.

Beginner Stunt Kites
Entry level kites. Easy and Fun.

All Around Stunt Kites
Kites for the "next level" and beyond.

Power Kites
Speed and Power

Low Wind Stunt Kites
Indoor and extreme low wind performers.

Power Kites

Apex - HQ Invento
Great intro De-Power system kite. Ready-to-fly.

Beamer - HQ Invento
Ready-to-fly. Great for land traction. Good entry level kite.

Montana - HQ Invento
Freestyle traction kite with De-Power bar. High performance.

Scout - HQ Invento
Ready-to-fly. Control Bar land traction. Good entry level kite.

Land Traction. Bar / Handles Control. Versatile power kite.

Revolution (framed)
4 Line Recreation. #1 in Quad-Line control.

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