Cobra Kites

One Line Parafoil & Sled Kites

UltraFoil 15 - $144.95 kite only - $169.90 with line
The UltraFoil 15 is a new ram-air from Jeanne & Ray Merry. Great wind range and super stable. Lower surface vents aid in initial inflation and upper vents relieve pressure. The dynamic trailing edge vent releases a stabilizing jet of air to combat stronger winds. A high angle flier with good, consistent pull, it's perfect for Kite Aerial Photography and Line Laundry. Includes matching Fringe Tail and 8" x 13" carry-case. 150lbs Flying Line suggested. Easy 1-Line. 36" wide x 56" long. Wind range 5-28mph.
UltraFoil 15 Option

PowerSled 24 - $67.95 kite only - $102.90 with line
With no spars to break, Power Sleds make good "lifters". These large kites are easy to fly and pack down small into their drogue chute carry-bag. Being powerful kites, they will support all sorts of line laundry and the drogue ensures good stability. 250lbs Flying Line suggested. Strong pulling 1-Line. 95" x 45". Wind range 5-25mph.
Power Sled 24 Option

Stowaway Parafoil - $29.95
The Stowaway Parafoil is a completely soft kite ( no sticks ) that is inflated by the wind, with a spectacular 20ft flowing tail. Each kite comes with a Nylon carry-case complete with 200 feet of 20lbs test Flying Line. These kites are great for back-packers and boaters as they are easy to stow, easy to launch and make a terrific position marker. Easy 1-Line. 17" x 23" with 20ft tail. Wind range 5-25mph.
Stowaway Parafoil Color