100ft TUBE TAILS . . . $99.95

Tube Tails

Size: 100ft long x 9in diameter
Material: Nylon.
Skill Level: Beginner - Expert
100 foot Tube Tails add high impact to all larger kites. Attach one or more to a large Delta for a flowing effect. Or clip some onto the flying line for a vertical stream of color. Each tail has a closed end with loop, to add another tail or spinner, and reinforced opening with swivel clip connector. Kites of around 78 inch wingspan should be able to handle one attached tail. More wind and/or a larger kite will be able to lift more tails.

Black Rainbow

Wind range guide for 100ft Tube Tail

0 - 5 MPH
5 - 10 MPH
10 - 15 MPH
15 - 20 MPH
20 - 25 MPH
25 - 30 MPH